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Lavianne Co., Ltd.


​Small is Beautiful

With the motto "Even if the scale is small, it shines like a star"

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Tamami Mizukami


​From Fashion to Real Estate

LAVIEN・NE SA LAVIENNE Co., Ltd. started on October 1, 1958 in Semba, Osaka. With its main focus on printed patterns and woolen fabrics, the company was at the forefront of the post-war boom in the textile industry. In the real estate industry, I chose the building based on my sense of fashion and the location based on that intuition. Our concept is felt in the appearance of each property, and we are particular about the location. In order to provide such a space where designers can work with confidence, we have been running our business with the same policy as before.

Toshio Mizukami


​ More than 60 Years with the Company

Lavianne Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958 in Higashi-ku (currently Chuo-ku), Osaka as Shop Mizukami and hve overcome a number of obstacles since then to get to where we are now. 

Concentrating wisdom for a new era, we continue to develop the fashion world with the motto "Small is Beautiful" (even if the scale is small, it shines like a star). We will continue to make efforts to become a true fashion business.

Our Philosophy

Lavianne's Fashion - "Small is Beautiful" -

Rather than mass-produced products at low prices, we deliver products that are worth the price, even if they are expensive, to those who want them. We maintain the business by protecting the value of the brand, not by expanding the scale. This kind of management policy of is seen in European luxury brands. "The more time passes, the more it matures and increases its value..."

Lavianne is a company that embodies such desire for business.

Our History

Our History

Entering society

Upon graduating from high school, I packed a suitcase and said goodbye to the hometown where I was born and raised. It was on March 16, 1951. Together with a high school classmate, I got a job as an apprentice at Ishihara Shoten, a textile wholesaler in Senba, Osaka.

Contact us

Main Office
1-16-15 Utsubohonmachi, Nishi Ward,
Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Branch Office
1-17-5 Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa,
Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Studio Shin-Osaka 1115

Call 06-6321-8001 Fax 06-6321-8008

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