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Lavianne Tokyo

Lavienne Tokyo

​Small is Beautiful

With the motto "Even if the scale is small, it shines like a star"

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Shibuya, the center of Tokyo, Lavienne Tokyo Building in Front of NHK

It is an elegant building made of reinforced concrete, with one basement floor and seven floors above ground, with eye-catching curved walls and iron fences. In order to harmonize beautifully with the surrounding environment, all the marble directly imported from Italy was used for the outer wall. The height of the building is equivalent to the 12th floor of an ordinary building, so the interior has plenty of ceiling height, creating a spacious and luxurious space. Underlying this commitment to dignity and beauty is the desire to make the Lavianne Tokyo Building a base for transmitting 21st century made-in-Japan high fashion to the world, taking advantage of its favorable location right in front of NHK. thought.

Lavienne Tokyo 
6-3 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Closest Station
Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station (15 minutes on foot)
​Odakyu Line Yoyogi-Hac
himan Station (8 minutes on foot)
Call 06-6321-8001 Fax 06-6321-8008

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​Lavienne Tokyo Building
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Call 06-6321-8001 Fax 06-6321-8008

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